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10 ml Neroli Dilute Essential Oil

10 ml Neroli Dilute Essential Oil at a reasonable price.

10 ml Neroli Dilute Essential Oil
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£ 3.00
£ 3.00
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Latin Name Citrus Aurantium Part Of Plant Used FlowersSource Tunisia Extraction Method Steam Distillation 5 Dilution in Grapeseed OilThis Neroli Essential Oil is produced from the flowers of the bitter orange tree Citrus aurantium var amara also known as Neroli bigarade and smells similar to bergamot The blossoms are gathered by hand and the oil is produced by water distillation as the flowers are too fragile for steam distillation This is one of the most popular essential oils for its wonderful smell as well as its therapeutic properties Neroli oil is very calming and is said to relieve chronic anxiety depression fear depression shock and stress It is believed to calm intestinal spasms colitis anddiarrhoea as well Due to its sedative property it is good for insomnia people with heart palpitations neuralgia and vertigo It is good to heat some in an oil burner in a convalescents room On the skin Neroli oil is said to help regenerate skin cells and useful to prevent ugly scar tissue promote smoother skin fight stretch marks and broken capillaries Neroli oil is believed to have been used by the Romans In 1680 Anna Maria Orsini princess of Nerola used the essence of the bitter orange tree as to perfume her gloves and her bath thereby creating a fashionable new fragrance From this time on the essential oil became known as Neroli after her Folk tales say that these orange blossoms were used to decorate bridal beds to help relax newly married couples in bed The oil is expensive to produce and much care is taken as the blossoms must be plucked just as they bloom

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Dimensions: 65x24 (mm)
Barcode: 5055796528691
10 ml Neroli Dilute Essential Oil for sale from JS Market

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