Loofah Soap Loaf - Peppermint & Herb Scrub


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Loofah Soap Loaf - Peppermint & Herb Scrub

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Made with peppermint essential oil and herbaceous fragrance, this loofah soap has an uplifting scent for a refreshing exfoliating experience.

Our loofah soaps are hand made with invigorating fragrances, natural loofah and poppy seeds.

Supplied in 1.1 kg loaf form.

Soap loaves are shrink-wrapped with an outer label containing product information which will need to be passed on to your customer. If in doubt about label requirements please consult your local Trading Standards department. 

PLEASE NOTE: Traditional soap cutters may not work with this soap, but a warm, sharp knife will do the job. Our soaps are hand made and the colour or design may slightly vary from the pictures shown.

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